Where We’re Heading Today- Part 1

Your body is full of energy, running through your limbs and organs and life.  When you’re with people who think and feel simular to you and value what you do you are in your comfort zones.  The single biggest common values I see energetically in the modern world – in spades in just about every nook and cranny  – fall into three basic catagories that for shorthand I’ll call roots, feelings and thoughts.  There’s more, but we’ll get to that.  If you understand these three things you can make it a long way in the world.

Roots are basically human communities we’re heavily committed to and involved with.  We’ve got groups coming out the wazoo, don’t we?  I and the people I meet identify ourselves by things like last name, the city, state or geographic government we support (or don’t, but we’ll still notice), clan, company, brand or fashion preference, race, gender, educational institution, military history, social organizations, tax bracket, etc.   These things seem pretty common factors.  If I understand human history we’ve had this stuff hardwired for tens of thousands of years or more.  We understand roots.

We understand feelings, too.  Is there an emotion from the depths of sadness, tragedy or anger to the heights of happiness and joy that has not been effectively encapsulated by soap operas, art, music or theater, understood by an audience and rendered cliché through repetition for 3,000 years?  We are aware of our feelings.

Thoughts are super important these days.  Modern education requires us to imprint information on our memories and repeat it for use when required, an idea mirrored in our daily life.  Our minds are full of letters, numbers, symbols, addresses, pin numbers, phone numbers, passwords, financial amounts, speed limits, public laws and countless pieces of information about how our complex world works.  We need to know and manage all of it, or at least enough to function.  Industry, architecture and urban living have spread on earth like hotcakes over the past 100 years.  If you’ve managed to turn on a computer and read this you’ve already succeeded in using your thoughts in myriad ways.

We’re able to do more than these three and we know it.  The number one new thing we’re waking up to – more than anything else right now, and I’ll prove it – is… to be continued in Heal Schpeel #2 next week.


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