Its not the recession, its The Progression.

Its not ‘the recession’, its The Progression.

Its a chance to re-focus priorities; for prices to shift more toward what things are actually worth, rather than what uneven market leverage the sale price shows; for folks everywhere to go do what they’d rather be doing, since clearly they can’t just up and make money at a job they don’t really have their heart in. 

I have two friends that have thrown more pottery than ever.  They look happier than ever.  Small, local banks had banner years in 2008, and as an independant musician I find that my audience is as passionate about music as ever.  Maybe more so!

Remember when a family could afford a house that was a year or two’s salary, and a car could be bought for what you made in a few month’s?  Of course not, that was the early 20th century.  Seems that the attractiveness of debt has driven prices (and unnecessary sizes and features and more) up and up and up.  I’m looking forward to just buying a car with crank windows that has interchangeable parts I can work on and sips some alternate fuel.  Hey, I’m not saying we’re there yet…

…cuz its a Progression!

c u there soon enough, link

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