What to Expect in a Healing Session

Is energy work right for me?

Are you struggling in a health, career or relationship challenge? Are you exhausted by what you’ve been doing to heal, survive or succeed and disappointed by the results? Are you carrying baggage from years gone by? Are you suffering from depression and ready to be done with it? Are you having trouble maintaining or growing a connection with your creative muse? Have you been diagnosed with an illness that you are receiving treatment for but you’re not satisfied? Have you recently had an injury or surgery?  Are you tired and tapped out from work or stress? Are you already energetically sensitive and want to learn more?

If you said yes to anything above you’re a prime candidate for energy healing. You have the power to heal and I can help.

What can I expect in a healing session

In an energy healing session I am a conduit for the energy your field needs. I am guided by our connection to charge where you’re depleted, clear where you’re blocked, balance where you’re unbalanced and restructure where you’re disrupted.

We begin each session talking about why you’ve sought me out and what you hope to get out of our work together. This may take half an hour in our first session, at which point I have a good sense of what I can do to help you. If you’re not already, you can then lie down and relax in a quiet place, where you make yourself comfortable. I ground and center myself further and connect to your energies directly, usually beginning at the feet, then moving through ankles, knees, hips and major energy centers. Generally we diverge during this process to directly address specific areas that need attention. If you’re already aware of your energies you may feel various sensations of hot, cold, buzzing or gentle tingling.  You don’t have to clear your mind or pay attention to anything, your only job is to open and allow.

Every session is different.  Some clients fall asleep and wake deeply rested.  Others may need to talk through their process and receive help and support when needed.  Some sessions turn into tutorials as you learn to manage your energy in a new way.  All in all the energy work portion of our session usually takes 40 to 50 minutes.  Afterward I’ll share tips and tools that you’ll need, point you toward resources that will help, and may recommend further sessions with myself or other health and healing practitioners – whatever you need to complete the healing!

At minimum clients feel peaceful and relaxed. Some describe it as a meditative state.  Some are energized and inspired. There may be discomfort as a block is charged, and feelings may be expressed as it is released.

My most successful clients are the ones who are committed to their healing process. Whether by choice or circumstance they’re at a place in their lives where they are ready to heal.

If you have any questions at all, email me at lincolncrockett@gmail.com or call/text 1(503)957-0151.

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