Distance Energy Healing Sessions

Distance Energy Healing Sessions

I do almost all of my energy healing work at-a-distance.  Distance work gives you more flexible scheduling options, allows me to offer the work to a much wider range of people who need it, and gives you the chance to receive healing no matter where you are, at home, in your office or travelling abroad.

Energy work can require a suspension of disbelief, or even a leap of faith, just to open to the possibility that it is real.  Distance work can be an additional leap.  I assure you, it is just as effective as hands-on, in-person healing sessions.  I personally receive work from other healers this way exclusively.

In a distance session we work together over the phone.  At the appointed time you find a quiet place where you’ll be undisturbed for an hour and call me.  We’ll stay on the line while we work using the same techniques as if you were right in front of me.  If you’ve never experienced this, I think you’ll be amazed.

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