How I Became an Energy Healer

Are you ready to reduce stress, illness and suffering? Are you ready to get the support you need? Ready to be heard and feel the whole universe is listening?

I am an energy healer and each week these are the kinds of things people come to me for help with. I can’t promise results, but I and my clients have had amazing experiences, most of them just connecting over the phone.

I am often asked how I became an energy healer. I’ll tell you as best I can.


“Well, they thought Galileo was crazy…”

When I told my family I intended to go to energy healing school my father tried to talk some sense into me.

I had already met an energy healer and had my first energy healing session. It was short – 30 minutes – but in that time we’d moved more energy than most people would in several sessions. I couldn’t explain how she had done what she did, just breathing and moving her hands over my body. It wasn’t shamanic – there were no idols, crystals or prayers. Afterward I felt more grounded and present than ever in my life.

I had taken two Reiki classes. The master who was to ‘attune’ me to Reiki said I was already open. I had felt my hands heat up and my mind clear. I had been drawn to places on the receivers’ body where there were acute and long term injuries and illnesses. I had felt the effects of energy being sent by someone in the next room.

I simply couldn’t make sense out of it anymore. This was 1998.

We went to a panel discussion at the American Academy for the Advancement of Science in Washington, DC. As I recall, there was a materials scientist, a physicist, a doctor and a public health specialist present, some of whom my father was very interested in seeing and meeting.

“According to our biological model of health it is impossible for cancer to go into spontaneous remission. Yet it happens. It has been well documented. Therefore our model is not just missing something, its wrong,” said the materials scientist.

The physicist gave a demonstration: If you take a simple, solid, pendulum on a single pivot and suspend it vertically, you have a 50/50 chance of predicting which way it will fall. If you add a second pendulum which pivots on the end of the first and suspend the new double-pendulum vertically it is impossible to predict the exact nature of its fall.

“To do so you would have to take into account the number and distribution of the people in the room, the temperature of the air, the time of day, the thickness of the walls, the presence and motion of cars outside the building, the location of the moon… the entire universe is acting on this pendulum,” said the physicist.

The doctor described how Chinese Medicine’s Five Element Theory of health had bested Western doctors and pharmaceuticals on various occasions. The public health specialist quietly cautioned, “Let’s just not do anything too hasty.”

After that my parents helped me pay for the four-year program at the Wakepoint School of Energy Healing. My father looked over my first and second year textbook and found something in it he could respect.

“Well,” he said, “they thought Galileo was crazy…”


Anyone Can Do This…

…and already do. Without thinking about it you put your hand on an injury. You can connect deeply with someone you love over the phone at great distances. You have synchronicities happen in your life all the time. If you told the story of how you ran into so-and-so right during such-and-such people might not believe you, it all just sounds too crazy to be true. But its true.

My whole life I’ve been set up to do this. I’ve preferred the woods to the city. People tell me their secret struggles after only a few minutes of conversation. I am rarely sick for more than 24 hours. The most horrible things that have happened in my life have turned into gifts of grace. I fear living more than dying. Once, meditating in the mountains, I was physically felled by a love that erased all question, worry, doubt, and fear.  I know there is such a thing as God. Descriptions will forever fall short.

After finishing energy healing school I became a professional performing songwriter because I wasn’t ready to be responsible to clients. Since then I’ve been exhausted by the road. I’ve been silenced and affirmed by the everyday energetic miracle audiences experience together. I’ve seen the limit to what a song can achieve. The unbridled, infinite and beautiful creative source of songs is the essence of healing.

I’ve since been disciplined by my devotion to my family, and my client load has been growing. I am the obvious son of my parents. My mother is an empathic counselor who trains other healers and loves the countryside. My father is a deep-thinking academic and lawyer who loves music. I am an energy healer.

If you want to get into this further for yourself, contact me for a session. Each one of us is in a unique place with something unique to learn or experience. I’ll help you find the unique tools you need, lift all the blocks we can and open up to greater health, clarity and possibilities.

How Your Life Is Trying To Heal You, Part 1

We’re all human and we all carry baggage.  Try as we might, there’s only so perfect we can get!

I know, I know, its not your fault.  You were born this way.  You have to be true to yourself.

Your troubles came out of nowhere.  No matter how much time goes by, you still get a feeling in your body when you drive by where the incident happened.

And maybe you agree with my friend Joseph Estevez, who told me, “After 30 you can’t blame your parents.”

You’re all right.  And you’re alright.

I want to help you out with some “21st Century Human Skills”.  Today begins Part 1 of a 3-part series on our hidden and perhaps not-so-hidden wounds.  They’re real, they’re visible in your energy field, and they matter.

Right now we’re going to lay the foundation with why and how we ‘bury our stuff’ and ‘pack our baggage’.  Eventually we’ll get to the miraculous nature of how our baggage is constantly resurfacing and showering us with healing opportunities!

How and Why

We Bury Our Baggage

Ideally, when we suffer, we take the time to feel it, do what we can to change our situation, and cry away the rest or just let it go.  But when we can’t – we’re too busy, the pain is too much or we’re too young or don’t have the support we need to make it through – we have to stuff it.  Be macho.  Be tough.  Set it aside.  Block it.

This can be good when your kids really need you.  This is good if you’re in danger and just have to get to safety before you can let go.  This is good if you’re too young and the pain is so much that it might tear you apart.

This is bad if you never get back to it.  If it stays stuck.  If you forget.  If you get used to the pain.  If you come to like the pain.  If you prefer its comfort to the discomfort of being free of it.  These things happen.

Baggage = Blocks

When we block our feelings it shows up in our energy field.  This is part of why I have a job.  I’m sensitive and I pick up on unspoken stuff.  So do most sensitive people.  I also have the capacity and skills to address it more directly in a healing session.  If you can call intuitively tapping in to someone’s field from hundreds – or even thousands – of miles away ‘direct’!

You are incredibly complex, and the further down the rabbit hole I go the harder it is to explain.  Different wounds effect different aspects of ourselves differently. Here’s the skinny:

When we block our physical energies we may feel weak in our bones, muscles, tendons and tissues.  Our body may get stiff and our muscles hard.

When we block our feelings it looks to my mind’s eye like a dull fog.  Too much of this and we feel depressed.  We are literally depressing our feelings so they can’t flow naturally from one to the next.  Or we may feel nothing.  People who drink a lot often have this look to me.  When we obsess over things it is our minds working hard to block our feelings.  We may become very educated and successful before this strategy begins to fail us.

When we block our thoughts we cannot think clearly, may feel confused, or have difficulty understanding, learning, or tapping into our intuition.  Our mind may cycle through the same thoughts over and over, trying to deal with daily life in a way that may or may not be working well for us.

When we block our hearts it forms a sticky tar of energy.  So does smoking a lot of pot.  If we block the inevitable pain that is a part of all relationships, we block our love.  We get hard.  We care less.  We may think we don’t care at all.  Beware people who are too cool, because they aren’t warm.

When we block our connection to truth, insight, inspiration, joy, and the divine, we cannot find our place in the world.  Meaning, happiness, abiding satisfaction and peace are hard to come by.

Everyone has an excellent reason for blocking what they block.  If you wore their shoes you might have done the exact same thing.

By the time people come to me for the first time, especially if they’ve never had energy work before, whatever they’ve been doing isn’t working.  Sometimes its something simple, and often its something complex.  We peel it back, layer by layer, until we find the root.  With this process comes understanding.  With this process comes clarity.  And compassion, for yourself and others.  And healing.

And the whole world becomes a better place, all because you were blocked.

All of this begs some background into the energy work I do, but I’m going to save it for down the line.  I’ve got to have something to write about after I finish this series in March!  Next month’s topic: The simple, beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking ways our blocks and baggage shape who we are.

Final Thoughts

Healing your world,

your country, your community,

and your family begins

with healing yourself.

One thing all of my clients have in common is that in ways big and small you’re all trying to make the world a better place.  Healing and music are part of how I do that.  I’m always honored to support you with the notes I play and the hands I lay.  Thank you for having me along on your journey!

In Health and Healing,

Lincoln Crockett

Taking the Leap into the Unknown

Why do we ‘take’ leaps?  Why don’t we ‘leave’ them?  Literally and figuratively.  Are we not leaving things behind when we move forward?  What are we leaping from and toward what?

Leaps seem somehow to be tangible opportunities as real as anything we can touch with our hands, yet they must begin as jumps from within.  In this way something enfolded becomes unfolded, like falling through the air into water far below – for a moment we are terrified and thrilled, saying inside, “I’m going to take a chance that I can get from here to there, even though I’m not sure how or if I’ll make it, and my own instincts scream opposition.”  The feeling of surviving is why leaps are so compelling that our lives eventually shape around them.  Ahhh, to have been afraid and come through alive, whole and exhilarated – courage rewarded with ecstasy.  {splash}

The moments I feel most transcendent ecstasy are when I feel like I see me in everyone, and often everything, else.  it’s a palpable recognition that I am, me: we.  One.  Can you make that leap?  Can I?  Don’t wait for some religious experience, just know that after enlightenment the world still looks like it does, light still behaves the same, and you are just as one with all that is as you were before.  This IS it. {splash}

Lately my internal verbal guidance comes with the voice of a man just like me, only wiser, who’s words wholly complete my experiences, brings me resolution, and organizes my disorganized reality enough to get me through another day still looking on the bright side.  Kind of like ‘Conversations With God’ but its for me and not Neil.  I’ll do an example right now while I write.

Me: “Do you have any suggestions of content that would further illuminate the subject heading for anyone reading?”

Me 2: “Sure.  Remind them how precious it is to watch a sunset or a baby coo and babble.  Let them know that that same ‘transcendance’ is available all the time as a way of life.”

And neither of those things I/we mentioned are ‘unknown’ either!  but have you ‘leapt’ into one?  Given yourself fully to the experience?  Best times of your life?  or are you falling off the back of the heaping wagon of natural riches and need to go out and get your fix right now?  Regardless, everyone has seen a sunset or a baby, and given our attention each is a whole world of wonderment.  {splash}

In this way – leaping with full attention into the known (personal e.g., who I think I am, what I think a day should be) I am unraveling the organized me, in a sort of farewell tour of my ‘old’ life, that is, life in the old evolutionary perspective – ‘the way its always been’.  leaping to reach for a new state of evolution, another step in the relatively brief journey of homo sapiens into a higher level of complexity of awareness.  The brain as a sensory organ.  This level requires little active thought.  More consciously receptive thought and action are the name of the game.  Reflexive support for or agreement with fear has been conquered by eons of hunting, warfare, civilization and economy.  Its the 21st Century, for Christ’s sake, and we’ve come a long way!  The time spent by those that have gone before us has given me (and anyone) the chance for freedom from fear in one’s daily life.  Now you can stand your body up not for fight or flight, or to better anyone but yourself.


The hitch (yo, Ann Rand?) is that falling from this angle, I am You.  I find the water to be land and the enemy to be in my own heart.  Harm that befalls you is harm that befalls me, even if it takes me a while to eventually notice it, understand it and organize it into a new way of living and being, thinking and acting.  But such a leap allows me to truly see that pure, unadulterated self-interest (i.e., greed, defensiveness, narcissism) is counterproductive to any hopes for happiness I or those in my heart might have.  “Pursuit of Happiness” indeed!  Those old coots didn’t know the word L-O-V-E.

In this way the whole world is rising.  Even myopically self-interested systems have lead to more interwoven cohesion (see sociology and economics), and the necessary recognition that working well together is the only viable option.  Fear and violence no longer flies the flag far.  The human being has seen and heard too much.  We can hear MLK’s voice.  We can see Gandhi walk on film with our own eyes.  These raw, you-tubeable experiences are very real and tangible, open to leaving a direct impression.  People, many people, have publicly walked into freedom in our lifetimes, and left strong impressions very near to us.  Black Americans and South Africans, Nelson Mandela and Eastern Block Communists, The Beatles, Bob Dylan.  You can buy tapes by Deepak Chopra and Carolyn Myss and go study with energy healer Barbara Brennan.  Each separated from us by a thin veil, barely perceptible, for we are so close to just wafting through it ourselves.  See the whole final premise of the Celestine Prophecy.

In this way too, sacrificing your very life itself to a higher order becomes the very key that opens the door to the higher level.  But this no longer a simple sacrifice of flesh and blood, like war or toil.  The pain of revenge or hate or pride or hedonistic blood-lust are trumped by the joy of the soul at the experience of surrender to a greater power (see Alcoholics Anonymous materials)!

So ask, if you should step forward with complete fuck-it-all passion, “Where is my deepest commitment?  Is it to stay safe from experiencing more fear or conquering and transcending fear itself?  Is it to experiencing more pain or rage or healing or transcending the sour pain of rage altogether?  Is it for pain you cannot even recognize?  Is it healing or transcending?  is there a diff?”

Besides, what do I do when I know the answer to these Q’s?

Forget them all and walk forward.  Let go of the stories altogether, say little, play lots, move on, jump again.

Spiritual Shopping List

Mountain sunset carolyn
Pic of Mt Adams By Carolyn Ganus

Many months ago now a friend of ours came to visit with his new girlfriend.  Things ended up gettin’ pretty metaphysical (happens a lot around here…) and I thought it would be fun for us each to make our own spiritual shopping list, ya know, to help us know what to really look for along the supermarket isle of life.   At the end of the night only Athena had finished, but mostly cuz the list was so stark raving complete.   Haven’t seen her since…

Sense of Self
Open Mind

Anything else we need at the store, honey?

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