About Lincoln Crockett

In my professional life I am both a performing musician and an energy healer.  Music and healing are for me two extensions of the same thing.  Music listeners know what it feels like to be moved, touched by a piece of music.  In energy healing I do the same thing, but without the instrument or the singing, for an audience of one.

I have a Psychology, B.A. from The Colorado College and a four-year certification from the Wakepoint School for Energy Healing, as well as training in Reiki and Native American spiritual practices, plus familiarity with dozens of other styles of healing.  Through a lifetime of intuitive awareness I have come to believe in, trust, and hone my connection with aiding the natural, healthy flow of energy in the universe.  I have almost twenty years experience as a musician, five as a full-time professional performing songwriter, and have been doing energy work throughout for the past decade.

As a musician I bring a unique perspective to healing, as a healer I bring that same perspective to music.  Musicians and performers already know what it is like to channel an energy – often said “get in the groove” or to “really feel it” – and have a performance flow through them.  Writers of new pieces of music often talk about trying to capture the experience of an inexplicable and profound feeling.  Healers from all therapeutic modalities share common experiences of deep connections to their clients and meaningful intuition that supports their work.  The same is true for artists of all media, writers, scientists, athletes and others.  These are everyday energetic experiences.  With my background as creative artist and trained healer I have a powerful toolbox to help guide anyone – musician, artist, healer or not – to become more aware of their energies in order to strengthen their work, heal, and live a healthier, happier life.

To hear Lincoln’s music and for more information about Lincoln visit www.lincolncrockett.com.

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